A report from Kapersky Labs indicates financial malware attacks increased 22 percent during Q4 of 2016. Financial malware is a type of malware that focuses on stealing money directly, or valuable information needed to access a person’s finances, including online banking credentials and credit card information.

At least 319,000 users were targeted by financial malware, a 22.49 percent increase from Q4 2015. Researchers from Kapersky theorize these types of attacks increase during Q4 because hackers coordinate financially malicious activity with big-spending holidays.

The research firm delivered valuable advice concerning financial precautions after online shopping during the holidays.

“As a holiday season follow-up protection measure, we advise shoppers who used their credit cards to buy presents and goods during last three months to keep an eye on their financial transaction information in the coming months,” a security expert from Kapersky said. “Typically, criminals don’t start to withdraw money from stolen cards right after the theft. They often wait for several weeks or even months to prepare for cashing out first.”