Google has been hinting big developments will be revealed at their annual event tomorrow. Google fans are expecting new mobile devices and both VR and Google Home developments.

Many experts are speculating about the release of a new HTC manufactured Pixel device. The rumors include a 5-inch display for the Pixel and a 5.5-inch display for the Pixel XL, with faster processors, higher-definition cameras and aluminum/glass designs.

There are also rumors about the release of Google’s newest virtual reality platform, Daydream. Daydream will  consist of headsets that work with Android phones, similar to Samsung’s headsets that work with their respective smartphones. If Daydream is released tomorrow, Google will be in stronger competition with Facebook’s Oculus.

Along with VR and smartphone developments, there are rumored updates to Google Home, which will be a direct competitor to Amazon Echo. Google Home is a smart speaker that will use Google Assistant and sync with Android phones to control various home amenities including internet-connected thermostats and lights.

Google’s event begins at 9 a.m Pacific Standard Time tomorrow, Oct. 4.