The move to mobile initiated the development of millions of mobile apps. Just in 2015, the amount of apps developed was record setting. Apps are usually thought to make life easier, but they bring threats as well as convenience.

Newer apps are designed to gain access to valuable information on devices without the user’s knowledge. This creates an all new form of information paranoia for employers everywhere. Issuing mobile devices to employees may increase productivity, but without discretion towards app usage, there could be serious repercussions.

Here are three ways to increase mobile app security in an enterprise:

  1. Create a strong policy
    • A concrete policy or procedure towards app usage gives employees a point of reference when they are unsure of an app’s validity. Creating a clearly outlined list of characteristics of untrustworthy apps helps employees distinguish potentially harmful downloads. This policy can also explain the importance of app security and what can be lost if a malicious app is downloaded. Having a written policy eliminates any gray area for employees when downloading apps on issued devices.
  2. Use the correct tools
    • Using MDM (Mobile Device Management) tools enforces different types of encryptions and restrictions regarding mobile apps. Using this type of program helps pinpoint which apps are malicious for devices before and after installation. After these apps are identified, they can either be blocked from downloading or removed from devices.
  3. Work with a mobile asset management provider
    • A full-scale mobile asset management provider can assess an enterprise’s mobile needs, from something as small as app security, to managing all device needs. Pairing with a certified provider ensures the best data security measures are used, including expert app security advice.

HOBI International is an R2, RIOS and ISO 14001 certified mobile asset management provider. We provide full service Mobile Life Management to enterprises of all sizes, including deployment, repair services, reverse logistics, data security/erasure and end-of-use services for all devices.

The move to mobile increases productivity for organizations everywhere, but also brings unfamiliar territory and room for slip-ups. Strict app security can make or break an organization’s mobile program. Pairing with a certified mobile asset management provider decreases any stress or confusion associated with mobile app management.