Your enterprise IT asset management needs are handled with


ease11What’s the main challenge your enterprise faces concerning your IT assets? Data security, value maximization, disposal?

HOBI International provides enterprises with the solution – EASE.

HOBI, the leading IT asset management and disposal provider since 1992, has built an all-encompassing process for handling enterprise IT assets. EASE, or enterprise asset services, presents enterprises around the world with the opportunity to partner with a company utilizing best industry practices and have their enterprise asset needs met all in one place.

The workplace is becoming flooded with IT assets that store massive amounts of data. So much that nearly half of small businesses have experienced some sort of data loss. With over 130 million devices discard each year, how are you sure your company’s sensitive information isn’t lying in some landfill across the world? HOBI’s certified data erasure and destruction process mitigates the risk of a data breach, while staying compliant with environmental and government regulations. In fact, HOBI has had zero data leaks in our company’s 22-year history.

The burden of quick asset turnover and routine maintenance inhibits enterprises from reaching maximum work capacity. Don’t let asset downtime get you down. Mid-sized businesses experience more than 3 downtime events per year at $74,000 per hour. Your downtime cost per year could be up to $2,712,000.

Is this a price you’re willing to pay?

With the company’s enterprise asset services, HOBI experts are able to alleviate the burden of IT asset management, minimize the risk of data breach from improper recycling and maximize the return on IT investments.

The EASE Process

EASE provides enterprises with a complete spectrum of services from asset management and repair to data erasure and recycling.

  • Data Security & Erasure
  • Data Center Relocations
  • Data Management
  • Environmental
  • Forward Deployment
  • Recycling
  • Remarketing and Resale
  • Reporting & Compliance
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Technical Services

HOBI International, Inc., an R2/RIOS and ISO 14001 certified firm, has more than 20 years experience in enterprise asset management and disposition. The company’s pioneering enterprise asset process makes HOBI the leader in its industry. HOBI’s professionals are trained in value maximization and will set up customized enterprise asset service programs based on client needs.