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ease11Data center transitions are complicated, daunting tasks. Whether the transition is to a new location, or a new data storage scheme, there are multiple challenges that can affect the overall success of the operation. Data center transitions leave room for data loss, hardware damage and major costs. How will you avoid these obstacles?

Pairing with a certified ITAM provider for a data center transition ensures the best care is taken for all of your data center needs. A certified data center management provider can assess your current needs and maximize value in a transition, while ensuring data safety and the least financial impact possible.

The DC EASE Process

HOBI’s EASE for data centers program includes

  • Data center management
  • Reverse logistics
  • Installation
  • Halon removal and installation
  • AC system installation and removal
  • Data erasure
  • Device refurbishment and remarketing
  • Device recycling

HOBI International provides full-scale data center transitions for enterprises of all sizes. From implementation to resale, HOBI provides the best possible solutions for enterprises seeking new locations or storage services. HOBI provides the most reliable solutions for data center transitions and management.

HOBI International, Inc., an R2/RIOS and ISO 14001 certified electronics recycling and ITAM company. With more than 20 years in the industry, HOBI provides the most successful and dependable IT asset management solutions for enterprises of all sizes.

For more information on HOBI’s data center services, contact Jason Radakovich at (630) 239-2537.