design4Electronic manufacturers around the world must consider a product’s environmental impact in the early design phase to later avoid increased regulation and potential liability while maintaining competitiveness in a marketplace of increasingly environmentally conscious consumers. One way to do this is to encourage manufacturers to design for disassembly.

HOBI is committed to advancing electronics recycling technology and employs a full-time professional engineer to consult on designing products for disassembly and recycling, including the handling of post-consumption electronics waste. HOBI engineers are actively involved in ongoing research and industry education while our internal operations team receives extensive technical training.

One Hour Introduction to Design for Disassembly

An excellent introduction for designers, managers and operations personnel, the introduction covers issues pressing electronics companies and the basic concept of design for the environment. General principles of design for disassembly are also covered.

Four Hour Design for Disassembly Workshop

This workshop draws on HOBI’s extensive experience in equipment demanufacturing to give practical design for disassembly concepts – from basic design for disassembly introduction to details and examples on key design for disassembly principles.

Design Team Consulting

HOBI provides extensive design team and demanufacturing experience and can serve as a support member to your team. HOBI’s chief consultant, Craig Boswell, is a registered professional engineer who has served electronic companies around the world with specific demanufacturing projects.