IT departments are not typically up to date on the best practices for data erasure because there are always newer and better ways to handle data security. Companies make the mistake of underestimating the importance of proper data erasure and overestimating the capabilities of their IT department. Because IT departments face a number of different challenges everyday, many are not able to adequately monitor the data erasure process from start to finish in the way a certified IT asset disposition (ITAD) company does.

During the ITAD process, proper data erasure should not be taken lightly. An IT department with a firm that does not specialize in ITAD and IT asset management (ITAM) is not trained in the techniques that comes with proper and complete data erasure. There are some important rules about the process of data erasure that many organizations are unaware of:

Inhouse data erasure is not always cheap

When it comes to proper data erasure, there are no cutting corners. All costs and concerns, including software and the cost of removing a team from a different task, must be considered before taking on such a project “in-house” instead of hiring a professional, certified ITAD partner.

Internal data erasure is not always the most secure

The mentality of “why outsource something I can do myself” harms many companies. Not all companies have the equipment or knowledge of a certified ITAD organization to properly dispose of all sensitive information to ensure there are no data leaks. We constantly receive hard drives from companies that are marked “erased” but are found to contain data during our evaluation process.

Free isn’t always a good thing

Although free software is a usable alternative to other data erasure software, many times it derives from an unknown source. This source of freeware is rarely updated, if at all. Companies who take advantage of some sort of free data erasure software may suffer loss of productivity and efficiency.

Encrypted files can still be accessed

While encrypting files is a common strategy companies take to avoid a security breach, it is not comparable to complete data erasure by a certified ITAD firm. If the data is only encrypted, or unreadable at the time, it is still buried in the device and can be accessed in the future with sufficient decoding technology.

Long-time ITAD partners do not always follow proper procedures

If your organization is already partnered with an ITAD company, make sure they are accountable for complete data erasure from start to finish. With a certified ITAD company, organizations can be certain devices will be completely wiped of sensitive data.

When choosing an ITAD firm for data destruction purposes, be certain it is one that is that is R2 certified, like HOBI International Inc. Responsible Recyclers have the training and experience necessary for certified data erasure and destruction.