Image-SpringACE2017Craig Boswell, president of HOBI International, Inc., will speak at IAITAM’s 2017 Spring ACE conference May 1-4 in Henderson, NV. Boswell’s presentation, Chasing ROI and Efficiency in a Rapidly Changing ITAM World, begins at 11:15 a.m. Wednesday, May 3, in Molise 1 of the M Resort. 

Each year, new technology with more advanced capabilities is introduced. While new advancement such as mobile, cloud computing and IoT present opportunities for growth and improved efficiency, implementation and management of these devices presents a challenge. Boswell’s presentation covers the future of ITAD and how to maximize efficiency when managing and processing new technology.

HOBI International, Inc. will also be on the exhibiting floor in booth 76. For more show updates and insights, follow @HOBI_Inc, @CraigBHOBI and @JackJohnsonHOBI on Twitter.