Finding the right IT asset management and disposition provider is like playing the dating game. You cannot settle for just one or two good qualities – you need the whole package!

What you should you look for in an ITAD provider?

Some companies are in the nasty business of using multiple vendors! This doesn’t mean you need four separate vendors. In fact, HOBI International is your one stop shop for all IT and mobile asset needs.

We do what we’re good at! It just so happens we’re good at a lot.

Minimize costs

First and foremost, HOBI minimizes cost by using our regional locations in Chicago, Dallas and Phoenix to best suit the needs of our clients’ facilities. Our logistics team processes all of the on-site interface, the detailed questions, the complex preparation and the requirements of a safe and secure move of material.

Noncompliance to environmental standards can be some of the most costly fines a business faces. HOBI only partners with sub-contractors that have been thoroughly inspected for best practices in their respective industries and who are up-to-date and compliant with environmental standards.

More than 51% of organizations have admitted to data loss due to unsecured mobile devices. With proper data erasure and destruction, there’s no late-night worries about being the next “Target.” The cost of a data breach is constantly on the rise, up to $136 from $130 per compromised record just in the last year. Not to mention, the financial toll of a data breach is expected to grow 10 percent each year through 2016 due to new discoveries of IT vulnerabilities.

Maximize value

Squeeze the most out of your IT and mobile assets! Value maximization is key in each of HOBI’s process. After IT equipment and devices have been identified, we put it through our certified data erasure process. HOBI experts then quickly and carefully evaluate your mobile assets to determine the proper sales channel to return the most value back to you through refurbishment, repair or recycling. HOBI finds the right customer for your assets.

Refurbished electronics are becoming more and more popular as businesses and consumers gain awareness of the after-effects of e-waste. With an extensive variety of parts, refurbishment and repair are no problem for HOBI’s parts recovery team. From resale and refurbishment to certified data erasure, our team reviews your priorities and recommends an approach that eliminates your risk while maximizing the return on your IT and mobile assets.