The e-waste epidemic (Infographic)

We can say it a hundred times – something must be done to slow the effects of e-waste. In a world where a single year renders a cellphone obsolete, electronic waste is a big and growing problem. This infographic shows the facts and figures about e-waste and proper electronics recycling.

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Tips for holiday e-cycling, protect your info

You’ve ripped off the wrapping paper, opened the sleek box and plugged in your shiny new device. Merry Christmas to you!

However, what may not have crossed your mind is what to do with that old electronic sitting on the table, no longer of use to you.

I’m sure you have seen signs around grocery stores, malls […]

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Happy Holidays from HOBI!

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Warm Thanksgiving wishes from HOBI

As Thanksgiving rapidly approaches, we at HOBI International want to take a moment to express our appreciation and gratitude for the opportunities afforded to us this year.

Because of our amazing client base and followers, we continue to enhance our service offerings to include our new comprehensive asset management programs: CORE, EASE and MobileLife. We also […]

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HOBI Shop tech deals for your cyber Black Friday

Did Black Friday sneak up on you this year? No worries! Visit the HOBI Shop on eBay for a hassle-free shopping day.

Quit mapping out your mall route and escape plan and go cyber this Black Friday!

Less hassle. Go the online route.

If waiting in long lines for hours after a big Thanksgiving meal makes you cringe, […]

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