One of the more exciting Apple products to debut at the Consumer Electronics Show last week was the Mophie battery case, which now adds extra storage.

The Mophie Case

Apple junkies just love their iPhones, except for one major flaw: battery life.

The Mophie battery case, or Juice Pack, is widely known for its ability to extend the battery life in iPhones by as much at 120%. Taking iPhone optimization a step further, the company has created the Space Pack to battle another common iPhone malfunction: storage.

“We wanted to create a product that enables iPhone users to truly enhance their experience by solving some of the core limitations of smartphones,” said Daniel Huang, Mophie CEO and Co-Founder.

Mophie claims the Space Pack will double the storage capacity of the iPhone, adding 16GB or 32 GB while still retaining the treasured extra battery capability.

How long do iDevice batteries last?

Apple reports an iPhone battery of having a lifespan at around 400 complete charges. This all depends on amount of use, of course.

Without a decent battery charge iPhones don’t last that long. This is when consumers usually start tossing old phones into junk drawers or even the trash to pick up a new one.

Certified ITAD providers know the ins and outs of safe battery recycling and disposal.

Responsible recyclers realize the after affects of battery lead being absorbed into drinking water, lead poisoning. It doesn’t stop there. Incinerating the heavy metals contained in batteries will release dangerous toxins into the air when burned.

If ITAD providers can’t simply throw them out, burn them or send them away, what can they do to responsibly recycle batteries?

Compliance with government regulations is essential for electronics recyclers and ITAD organizations. Many states have initiated laws that make responsible battery recycling mandatory. Fortunately, lead, the leading component in batteries, is easily recycled into new batteries or other lead products. An article by Green Living reported that “roughly 60 to 80 percent of the components in a brand-new battery are created from recycled lead and plastics.”

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