FREE WHITE PAPER: The Benefits of Cloud Computing in Data Centers

Enterprises everywhere lose thousands of dollars annually in data center costs. Data center equipment and management is inherently pricey, but one type of transition lowers costs substantially.

Virtualization is the answer for maximum return in an enterprise's data center. The switch to virtualization, also known as cloud computing, decreases monthly costs by lowering overall data center management and presenting new opportunities to increase revenue. A switch to cloud computing can save an enterprise up to $200,000 annually. This white paper presents a plan for enterprises looking to increase revenue and decrease IT costs, including:

  • – Areas of improvement in data center operations
  • – Cost analysis of the transition to cloud computing
  • – Revenue return options after the transition


Data center operations may seem overwhelming or too specialized, but with the right approach, a transition can earn back overspent IT dollars. This white paper outlines the most cost-efficient approach to data center management and return opportunities for CIOs everywhere.

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