targetArxan, an app security company, reports 90 percent of the most popular mobile healthcare and financial management apps are lacking common security measures. These figures come from Arxan’s annual State of Application Security Report.

This report analyzed 126 popular mobile financial and health applications. These apps lack basic security measures, with  98 percent lacking  binary code and 84 percent of the reviewed applications displaying poor transport layer protection.

Financial and healthcare apps have made managing personal lives easier, but the lack of security measures means users should be extra cautionary with what information they store within these apps. An unauthorized source could gain access to financial records, bank accounts and personal healthcare information.

For this reason, users everywhere should always download apps from a reputable source, such as the manufacturer’s app store, and use discretion about what information to disclose on these apps. One other way to protect personal information is to use various passwords and logins between apps, in case one gets compromised.

For the full report from Arxan, visit here.