IL-amendApple’s plans to sell refurbished iPhones in India are close to being derailed after meeting resistance from the Mobile and Communications Council, a newly formed industry body. Apple has formally applied to import “certified pre-owned” iPhones, but it is unclear if this application has been rejected or remains under review by the government.

Apple plans to sell refurbished iPhones in the Indian market because of the major price difference between unused iPhones, which run at $300 at their lowest, and the price of the average Indian smartphone, less than $200. Apple’s sales grew 56 percent in India last quarter, but the company needs to work to sell refurbished iPhones to secure sales growth over the coming years.

The Mobile and Communications Council, formed by Samsung and other Apple rivals, claim refurbished iPhones will harm the government’s Make in India initiative, a plan introduced to encourage local assembly of goods, including electronics. Apple has indicated plans to refurbish iPhones in India, but it is unclear if the government will approve Indian refurbishment opportunities.