byod_secureApple hosted its annual spring tech reveal today, beginning this morning. While the most highly anticipated device of the reveal was the iPhone SE, the event included a new iPad Pro device, discounted Apple Watch prices and app/software updates.

The iPhone SE is a new “special edition” 4-inch device, described as a combination of the iPhone 4 and iPod, that will run at $399 for a 16GB device and $499 for a 64GB device. The newest version of the iPad Pro, which debuted last year, is 9.7” and will sell for the lowest price of $599 for 32 GB.

Phill Schiller, who led the iPad portion of the event, indicated the iPad pro will also host new software that caters to educators and their students.

Along with the new iPhone and tablet updates, Apple released the most updated version of their OS, iOS 9.3, and more information about the new Apple campus.