Earlier today, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced many upcoming changes during his keynote at the 2016 Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). Some of the developments Cook indicated Apple fans can anticipate in the future included OS updates, changes with Siri and a new app called Home.

Apple announced plans to release iOS 10, the most recent update to their mobile OS, in the fall. Updates include voicemail transcription, new ways to sort photos through the Photos app, Maps improvements and better 3D touch integration. iOS 10 will not be available to the iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad mini and iPhone 4S.

Siri will now be available for all of macOS, similar to Microsoft’s Cortana. As well as Siri being available on multiple Apple platforms, Siri is being opened to third-party developers, and may be added to apps such as Slack and Uber.

Lastly, Apple is introducing an app called Home that has the ability to control all connected devices from an iPhone. Home will be available through the control panel, so users do not have to open and close the app.