iStock_000037217352_SmallSensor Tower, an app intelligence firm, reports the apple app store will reach or exceed 5 million apps by 2020. If their predictions are true, this means the app store will double in size within four years.

After its 2008 premiere, the app store hosted 5,000 apps, and has since grown to 2 million apps in 2016. In order to reach Sensor Tower’s predicted 5.06 million apps during 2020, the app store will see a yearly growth of 2.13 additional apps.

Unsurprisingly, games are the most frequently created app, with 20,958 gaming apps created in May 2016 alone. In order to keep consumers interested, developers must frequently create new versions of popular games and other apps to stay relevant.

The rapid creation of new apps leaves room for incomplete security tests and vulnerabilities. For this reason, it’s imperative app users are conscientious of what personal information they share on apps, and regularly changing app credential information to avoid a malicious source gaining access to multiple accounts.

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