Last week, Ted Greenwald from The Wall Street Journal wrote about how Artificial Intelligence will impact the workplace. Many enterprise tech leaders are looking into incorporating AI and IoT technology in the office to increase productivity and find new sources of data for consumers and employee opinions.

Greenwald’s article highlighted how new AI programs can monitor employee attitudes, computer usage and location, and also streamline hiring processes. While introducing more advanced AI and IoT technologies in the workplace presents opportunities to increase productivity, the unfamiliar technologies come with a learning curve and potential security issues.

The Penton IoT Institute cited security and privacy concerns as the number one challenge of implementing IoT in an enterprise, followed by organizational consensus and lack of knowledge about available solutions. Office IoT and AI remain in the early adoption phase and best security practices for the technology have not fully developed.

Using connected technology in the office not only presents opportunities for the enterprise, but for IT asset managers as well. IT asset managers will now be able to process connected devices, opening the door to new revenue opportunities.