This is the true story of a man who risked everything to expose the high-profile data breach that affected the security of as many as 110 million people.

The Plot

Brian Krebs discovered the astronomical holiday data breach of more than 100 million Target customers through sources in the hacker underworld and was the first to warn the corporation. The aftermath of his choice has lead to Krebs being hacked repeatedly by cyber criminals, while Target attempts to pick up the pieces of what is left of their data security plan.

The real question is would you see a movie about it? Hollywood sure thinks you would.

In fact, Sony Pictures Entertainment has bought the rights to a New York Times article about Brian Krebs wants to turn the Target data breach debacle into a cyber thriller.

A lot has be taken from the “breach heard ’round the world.” Corporations realize they can never be too secure with their sensitive data. Fortune 500 companies assign on average 3.5 devices per employee and 51% of organizations have had data loss due to insecure devices alone.

Don’t let employee devices be another outlet for company turmoil.

HOBI International, a leader in IT and mobile asset management, understands the importance of data security. Our renowned reputation for data erasure of IT equipment and mobile devices is unsurpassed. In our 22 years of history, HOBI has had zero data leaks!

Our mobile device management provides the highest level of security whether with on-site data erasure services, on-site destruction, or secured transportation. HOBI uses best-in-class tech teams across the U.S. to provide NIST 800-18 and DOD compliant data sanitation and data destruction. This is a fully traceable and documented system for inventory and erasure.

Globally, the cost of a data breach averaged $136 per compromised record, up from $130 the previous year, according to a data protection news source. Along with the millions of exposed records comes loss of client trust and damaged public reputation, all due to lack of proper data erasure and security.

Don’t be the next Target.