tablet-repairHOBI offers comprehensive tablet repair services that alleviate the challenges and minimize the costs associated with broken or damaged tablets. Our services can be fully customized to meet the demands of any size organization and provide quick turnkey solutions so your tablets are repaired quickly and professionally.

HOBI’s services include:

Logistics – Shipping solutions as simple as Click, Submit, Print. HOBI provides custom shipping portals for each client to create their own shipping labels to send for repair. The portal allows for tracking the shipment from your door to ours and back to yours.

Data Security – HOBI is an R2-certified facility, and as such, has a stringent set of measures in place to safeguard your device’s data while it is in our facility and undergoing repairs. If the device is deemed irreparable, then your data is completely destroyed before the device is processed for recycling.

Rapid Repairs
– HOBI’s repair technicians excel in rapid fixes. Most repairs can be done in as little as 24 hours once we receive the devices in our facility. We understand the importance you place on your tablets for everyday use, and we maintain a rapid repair schedule to minimize your downtime.

Swap Stock Inventory – Don’t have time to wait for repairs on the broken device and need a replacement device quickly? HOBI can maintain a swap stock inventory for you. When we receive notification that a device is being sent to use for repair, we can quickly ship a replacement device to you to further minimize the time you are without a tablet. The broken tablet is then repaired and placed into the swap stock inventory for reuse.

Complete Refurbishment – We also offer complete refurbishment services for clients undergoing a technology refresh within their organizations. Oftentimes, the old devices still have value, and HOBI provides the refurbishment services to restore the old devices to a like new state for remarketing and resale. HOBI is then able to resale the refurbished devices on your behalf, which allows you to finance other IT projects.

Warranty Administration Services – Some devices that break are still under warranty. In which case, HOBI can determine if the repair is covered under warranty and work directly with the manufacturer on your behalf to have the device repaired.

From simple to complex repairs, HOBI is capable of handling any volume of repairs and devices for every organization.

Learn more about how HOBI can minimize repair times, reduce your costs and limit employee downtime.