What would you compromise for your tablet?

A software company recently did a survey with 400 sales professionals, both lower and upper management, across a variety of industries. Their findings will definitely amuse, but I’m sure some of of you can relate!

  • Half of salesmen respondents would rather go without underwear than lose their tablet
  • Most executives surveyed would compromise hygiene and appearance just to use their tablet for a presentation (ie. go without deodorant, matching socks and underwear)
  • 61% of respondents would rather have mismatched socks than go a meeting without their tablet
  • Would you take brushing your teeth over using your tablet? 27% said they would rather have the tablet
  • As far as home security goes, a whopping 45% of those surveyed would gladly keep the front door of their house unlocked if it meant taking their tablet to a sales meeting

This survey is a real eye-opener on how much we rely on the security and application of our mobile devices.

I’m sure salesmen are not the only ones who would compromise a few important things in their life for the convenience of their tablet. Currently, 51% of doctors are using tablet devices for professional purposes.

How far will go to have access to your tablet?

Tablet Repairs

When your tablet literally goes everywhere with you, it is bound to break or crack. According to Forbes, more than 30% of iPads will be accidentally damaged in the first 3 years. I know what you’re thinking, “well, we always have a case or cover on our tablet for protection.” That’s all well and good, but 72% of broken iPads had a protective cover. Will your enterprise tablet survive you?

HOBI International, leader in mobile asset management and refurbishment, takes care of your precious mobile devices and sensitive data with our tablet repairs services. From simple to complex repairs, HOBI is capable of handling any volume of repairs and devices for every organization.

What can HOBI offer you?

  • Logistics
  • Data Security
  • Rapid Repairs
  • Swap Stock Inventory
  • Complete Refurbishment
  • Warranty Administration Services

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