Electronics recycling isn’t always the ideal solution.

Disposal of e-waste has a cost: it must be transported and stored, and if it is to be recycled, it must be sorted or taken apart in addition to being processed to extract the useful materials. Not to mention, there must be a great deal of faith in IT asset disposition vendors to implement proper data erasure practices.

Although electronics recycling certainly has a role in dealing with e-waste, companies should consider other ways to deal with unneeded equipment first.

Alternatives to recycling electronics

  • Repurpose the equipment. If you’re replacing old equipment with newer versions, before sending it off to the landfill consider whether that old server might still have a place. For instance, even though it is likely less capable than what you’re replacing it with, it could still be charged with performing lighter-weight or less mission-critical tasks. It could also be transferred to another data center or another part of the company, where it could still be serviceable. At a minimum, a server or other electronics may have components that can be salvaged for use elsewhere. By creating a flow of equipment through the organization and partnering with an IT asset management vendor, the life of your equipment can be extended and eventually responsibly recycled, leaving you with maximum ROI.

HOBI International, the leading IT asset management and disposal provider since 1992, has built an all-encompassing process for handling enterprise IT assets. EASE, or enterprise asset services, presents enterprises around the world with the opportunity to partner with a company utilizing best industry practices and have their enterprise asset needs met all in one place.

  • Sell or donate old equipment. Serviceable electronics, although perhaps not up to speed for use, could be valuable to another organization that is, for instance, operating on a tight budget. In such cases, a company can essentially get paid to offload its unneeded equipment. IT asset management vendors who implement refurbishment practices are able to get equipment back to proper working conditions. HOBI utilizes extensive sales channels to ensure your equipment is properly resold. At a minimum, the donation route could enable a tax write-off—more or less a payment of its own. Again, this approach helps ensure that equipment is used as long as possible, reducing waste in terms of both the environment and economics.

Ultimately, disposal will become necessary at some point. Take advantage of certified IT asset management and disposition vendors to ensure extended lifespan of your equipment and proper data erasure and maximum ROI through electronics remarketing.