CES 2014 is like Fashion Week for the IT and electronics industry. Manufactures and bigwigs from around the world travel to the Consumer Electronics Show to view first-hand the new year’s must-have electronic devices.

Which devices were determined to be the best up-and-coming mobile devices at CES 2014?

Best Android Tablet: Samsung Galaxy NotePRO

Android is pulling out the big guns in productivity, as to not let the competition get ahead. The Android tablet debuted at CES is the Samsung Galaxy NotePRO with a highly anticipated operating system. A tablet constructed for multitasking with built-in office software and pressure sensitive pen, this extremely thin, light and sleek tablet is sure to set it apart.


Best Phone: AT&T Asus PadFone X

The best phone of CES 2014 is the AT&T Asus PadFone X. Wait, Asus? Finally breaking into the U.S. market, Asus has manufactured the PadFone X, a transforming mobile phone. Will Americans buy the idea of a phone and tablet sharing the same brain? Possibly, but only for the right price. Asus’ device cannot be priced higher than a good Android tablet, or consumers won’t take the bait.


What does it all mean?

Let’s be real, not everyone can attend CES, let alone afford to purchase the debuted items upon their release to the public. However, new releases lead to turnover of previous models. Manufactures will frequently send their slightly used or obsolete electronics to certified IT asset management organizations for expert refurbishment.

Refurbished electronics will be on the rise as companies implement “out with the old, in with the new.” IT asset management providers send electronics to be refurbished through parts recovery, data erasure and repair services in order to get the device back to proper working conditions. These fully refurbished electronic are then remarketed and resold through extensive sales channels at a fraction of the price!

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