It’s no secret the PC is rapidly falling behind smartphones and tablets. So much in fact that shipments declined by a record 10 percent in 2013 alone!

What draws consumers away from the PC?

While the ‘phone’ aspect of the smartphone is not the most frequently used feature, consumers desire the small, compact style of post-PC mobile devices. Consumers use their smartphones and tablets for two main purposes, it seems:

  • Internet browsing
  • Social media


Every era has its end and the PC is no different. However, this obsolete piece of equipment leaves behind a monstrous sized footprint.

PCs looming in warehouses awaiting disposal are likely destined to be thrown into the e-waste stream.

The EPA reported the U.S. collects and recycles about 27 percent of its disposed electronics. By carelessly tossing over 130 million cell phones every year and recycling a mere 11 percent, each U.S. household now spends around $1,200 each year on new electronics gadgets, all of which will be disposed of in a few years time.

By the year 2017, the Earth will feel the weight of as much as eight additional Egyptian Pyramids, leaving the burden to ITAD providers to clean up the mess.

Toxic heavy metals found in electronics are not meant to be tossed away in landfills or incinerators, as they cause detrimental harm to the environment and its people. When recycled by an R2-certified ITAD provider, these valuable and precious metals, including gold, aluminum and copper, can be separated and reused. This ultimately reduces the need for excess mining and saves the Earth from harmful holes in the ground.

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