In accordance with organizational needs and requirements, this stage includes loading or installing any software onto the device so it is ready for the end user as soon as it is received. Our downstream partners and resources allow us to effectively and efficiently disperse mobile assets from our door to yours. Additionally, HOBI also conveniently supplies basic services such as delivery, unpacking, asset tagging and setup services.

Repair Services

Mobile devices endure a lot during the course of their lifetime. Drop your iPhone? Grab some scotch tape! At least, that’s what 6% of iPhone owners have admitted to doing, while 11% continue to use their phone with a cracked screen. Accidental breakage is ten times more likely to happen than theft of an iPhone. HOBI quickly and efficiently repairs or replaces mobile devices and turns them over to the end user.

Swap Stock Inventory

HOBI’s swap stock inventory service replaces components of a device without significantly interrupting its system. This is utilized whenever a change is desirable or it is necessary for our expert team to repair a working device. For the convenience of our clients, HOBI’s repair team is effective and efficient.

Reverse Logistics

First and foremost, HOBI minimizes cost by using our regional locations in Chicago, Dallas and Phoenix to best suit the needs of our clients’ facilities. Our logistics team processes all of the on-site interface, the detailed questions, the complex preparation and the requirements of a safe and secure move of material. We monitor and manage every detail of the reverse logistics process and communicate with our clients such that at any given time the location of the mobile device is known and its condition secured. Our reverse logistics services help to meet the ever increasing demand for extended provider and producer responsibility.

Data Erasure

People concerned with security would rather share a toothbrush than their phone! HOBI provides the highest level of security whether providing on-site data erasure services, on-site destruction, or secured transportation. HOBI uses best-in-class tech teams across the U.S. to provide NIST 800-18 and DOD compliant data sanitation and data destruction. This is a fully traceable and documented system for inventory and erasure. Fortune 500 companies assign on average 3.5 devices per employee and 51% of organizations have had data loss due to insecure devices. HOBI, on the other hand, has had zero data leaks in its entire company history.


As an R2/RIOS-certified mobile asset management and disposition provider, HOBI guarantees proper reporting and compliance. The R2 certification provides our clients with peace of mind that our mobile asset disposition practices are adhering to a stringent set of standards for our industry when processing mobile devices and handling data. Our standards and certifications show our commitment in upholding the best practices for environmental sustainability.

Our reporting and compliance standards include:

  • Federal, State, and Local Reporting
  • Design Evaluations
  • Sustainability Reporting
  • Materials Analysis

HOBI goes straight to the source when it comes to environmental compliance – product design. HOBI’s staff implements mobile asset management and design processes that go beyond compliance, seeking best practices in the processing of hazardous and non-hazardous materials found in electronic products and their packaging.  Our engineering team is headstrong in pursuing a leadership role in the area of public education on issues surrounding electronic equipment and its impact on the environment.

Remarketing & Resale

Squeeze the most out of your mobile assets! Value maximization is key in the MobileLife process. After devices have been identified, we put it through our certified data erasure process. HOBI experts then quickly and carefully evaluate your mobile assets to determine the proper sales channel to return the most value back to you through refurbishment, repair or recycling.

A leader in the world of mobile asset remarketing since 1992, HOBI continues to develop an extensive array of sales channels, both domestically and internationally. As our repertoire of mobile devices continues to grow, so do our remarketing channels. HOBI maintains a database of thousands active customers, which means we will find the right customer for your mobile assets.

Refurbished electronics are becoming more and more popular as businesses and consumers gain awareness of the after-effects of e-waste. With an extensive variety of parts, refurbishment and repair are no problem for HOBI’s parts recovery team. From resale and refurbishment to certified data erasure, our team reviews your priorities and recommends an approach that eliminates your risk while maximizing the return on your mobile assets.


140,000,000 mobile phones go to the landfill each year, while only 10% are recycled annually. This makes having a partner to effectively handle your company’s mobile device recycling is critical these days. Our clients trust our best practices in responsible electronics recycling and have peace of mind that HOBI’s recycling services are in complete compliance with environmental and government regulations.

The U.S. EPA estimates that recycling 1 million mobile phones reclaims 35,274 pounds of copper, 772 pounds of silver, 75 pounds of gold, and 33 pounds of palladium.

HOBI developed a processing system that ensures all hazardous and non-hazardous materials are recovered in an environmentally sound manner, eliminating risk for our valued clients. Our top-tier process for electronics recycling and demanufacturing is designed for recovering the most value from precious resources left in mobile devices, minimizing the need for mineral mining.