Nearly a quarter of employees who contributed to a survey believe in the “whatever happens, happens” theory and take absolutely no responsibly for data security on their mobile devices, leaving their company to pick up the tab

Did you know the average value of a lost or stolen laptop is $49,246 and only 2% of this total accounts for the price of a new one? According to data breach trends, the cost of a data breach on this one laptop makes up about 80% of the total cost! Imagine what a pile of lost or stolen mobile devices would cost.

30% of employees surveyed feel there would be no repercussions on them personally for losing a company device, however an astounding 69% said the business should be fined or even be faced with legal action.

Only 63% say that there is a formal procedure in place when a device is lost. So, where does that leave the other 37%? Who knows what happens when one of their company devices is lost.

Who is responsible and who do you blame?

A third of interviewees admit that data security at their work is moderate to lax.

Blame the data thieves all you want, but in reality, a data breach falls on you and your company policies as well.

Don’t make it too easy for your sensitive information to be mishandled.

Go ahead, take advantage of BYOD! BYOD is a great way for employees to work remotely and on the go, but without implementing a mobile management program with a stringent data security policy, your company is putting itself in the high risk zone for a data breach.

HOBI International settles the debate by eliminating the problem. As a leader in IT and mobile asset management, HOBI is pioneering the way in data management and security with our MobileLife process. Our experts have put together the ultimate solution for enterprise mobile security.

People concerned with security would rather share a toothbrush than their phone! HOBI provides the highest level of security whether providing on-site data erasure services, on-site destruction, or secured transportation. HOBI uses best-in-class tech teams across the U.S. to provide NIST 800-18 and DOD compliant data sanitation and data destruction. This is a fully traceable and documented system for inventory and erasure. Fortune 500 companies assign on average 3.5 devices per employee and 51% of organizations have had data loss due to insecure devices. HOBI, on the other hand, has had zero data leaks in its entire company history.

You may be thinking, “data erasure? My IT guys can take care of that for me.” This can give a false sense of security. Most companies are not certified and do not possess the proper equipment to handle the massive amounts of stored data. You can’t put a price tag on peace of mind that your information is secure.

Don’t let your company be a victim of hindsight. Data security is a group effort.