PC sales will continue to decline this year as more consumers scoop up mobile devices, says a new report from Gartner.

Gartner forecasts a 6.6 percent drop in PC shipments from last year. On the flip side, tablet shipments will jump by 38.6 percent thanks in part to greater demand in regions outside North America.


There comes a time in every electronics life where their future can go one of three ways: recycle, upgrade or resale. It is up to you to determine which route will benefit yourself and the environment.


Some PC owners believe once their computer is on its last leg, it is no longer useful. False! As they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Each system is flooded with precious metals. Gold, copper and aluminum are just a few among the list of valuable elements. Professional ITAD vendors are R2-certified in extracting these metals in order to reuse or recycle them, keeping the hazardous e-waste out of the landfill. Companies that partner with certified ITAD vendors are able to follow the IT asset management process from start to finish, ensuring their assets are responsibly disposed of.


Let’s all follow a tip from the well known performer, Beyonce, and just say “let me upgrade ya!” A critical part of IT asset management within an organization is to enhance performance of assets. Sluggish start ups and glacial load times make the computing process frustrating, driving consumers to ditch the old model and pick up a brand new PC. With a simple software or hardware upgrade, IT asset management can significantly enhance the life of your computer.


If responsibly recycling or upgrading your system is too much of a hassle, there is always the option of electronics resale. With new models coming to market every few months, refurbished electronics are a very common way to buy perfectly functional units at a fraction of the cost.

With the launch of HOBI International’s eBay site, consumers are able to browse a wide variety of refurbished, reconditioned and even brand new electronics that can be easily purchased at a discount! Shop tablets, laptops and much more!

As a certified ITAD organization, experts at HOBI inspect and restore each unit to proper working conditions. Our clients trust us to not only responsibly recycle and manage their e-waste but also with sensitive data. We take care of everything from preventing information leaks during data erasure to proper IT asset management of each unit that comes through our doors from start to finish.

Our Green Commitment states HOBI is devoted to meeting the requirements of all federal, state, and local environmental laws while adhering to other ITAD requirements, the prevention of e-waste pollution, and implementing best environmental practices in every aspect of our business.

Now that you know you know your options, which path will you choose for your PC?