The iPhone rumor mill is turning yet again. Here’s what we’ve got for you so far:

The iPhone 6

2 Screen Sizes

You’re either a Samsung person or an Apple person. Samsung gurus love the big screens on Galaxy smartphones, while Apple Geeks adore the iPhone’s operating system and design techniques. Rumor has it, this iPhone will come in two different screen sizes to cater to everyone.


Of course it’s going to be thinner! Every new model of every electronic released is “thinner and lighter” than its predecessor.

Overall, the iPhone 6 looks like it could be pretty neat. Take a look for yourself!

Let’s talk about this June Release

The iPhone 6 is set for a summer debut; June is the month that is buzzing around the tech world.

Sell Sell Sell

If Jim Cramer from Mad Money has taught us anything it’s either to “sell sell sell” or “buy buy buy!” This summer would be the time to sell your old iPhone to get the most bang for your buck before the new releases.

Here’s why – “There is a predictable 15-20 percent value decline seen across all older iPhone models in the six-week period surrounding the new iPhone launch,” as Forbes predicted late last year.

However, if you do plan on picking up the latest iPhone and ditching the old device, be sure to sell or donate to an organization with an electronics recycling or refurbishment program. Used devices have the chance at a second life when properly refurbished and resold.

HOBI International is doing its part to reduce e-waste in landfills around the world by expertly refurbishing and reconditioning electronics, not only providing consumers with an environmentally-friendly option when buying electronics but also reselling at low prices.

Shop the online retail store!

iPhone Goldmine

If your device is unable to be refurbished or repaired, recycling is the next best thing! Did you know there’s more gold in a pound of electronics than a pound of gold ore? Responsible recycling of precious metals found in most smartphones is essential, especially with the constant flood of new models being released. As a matter of fact, this smartphone infographic shows Google searches for “iPhone recycling” coincide and have been growing with every new iPhone release.

Will the iPhone 6 save Apple from the little hole they have dug themselves in?

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