The grass isn’t always greener on the other side, especially for Apple.

The Apple’s iPad line seems to be dwindling in the departments of not only design for disassembly, but eco-friendliness as well.

The design for disassembly issue is of interest to mobile asset disposition and management experts, like HOBI International, who also incorporate refurbishment into their practices. Manufactures who design for disassembly make an effort to design their devices to be more environmentally friendly. Mobile asset disposition organizations are able to recycle and refurbish electronics more efficiently when devices have been designed with disassembly and repairability in mind.

67% of the emisson from a single iPad comes from production alone! Shiney, new toys are the greatest, but the enticement of purchasing devices hot off the press will continue to have harmful affects on the environment. (Infographic:

Buying refurbished electronics save you and the environment. The HOBI Shop is currently stocked with slightly used Apple and Android tablets. These fully-functional tablets are able to get a second life when sent to experts in IT asset management. Inspected and tested for quality, refurbished electronics are close to brand new but resold at a fraction of the price!