Organizations that have implemented responsible recycling practices strive for environmental sustainability. Are you an environmental leader in your industry?

enviroservicesIn a few short years, the planet will feel the weight of as much as eight additional ancient Egyptian pyramids, made completely of electronic waste. Because businesses turnover IT and mobile assets so rapidly in the marketplace, they are being scrutinized for the impact of these massive e-waste piles.

HOBI has stepped up to the plate to educate the public on the impact of electronics on the environment and is advising companies around the world on how to protect the environment, avoid hefty legal fines and realize the most economic value on their old equipment – either through resale or recovery. We have developed IT remarketing services and a processing system that ensures all hazardous and non-hazardous materials are recovered and processed in an environmentally sound manner. HOBI will help you meet all industry standards when remarketing or recycling old IT and mobile assets.

Due to our upstanding R2/RIOS certifications, HOBI clients trust that our environmental services are continually updated for complete compliance with standards and regulations for electronics recycling and remarketing.

It’s not only electronics that IT asset management and recyclers have nightmares about. Packaging is often the initial material customers see and touch, but how much of those materials can be reused or recycled? HOBI has taken a leadership role in a design process that goes beyond compliance and seeks best practices in the processing of hazardous and non-hazardous materials found in electronic products and their packaging.

Noncompliance to environmental standards can be some of the most costly fines a business faces. HOBI only partners with sub-contractors that have been thoroughly inspected for best practices in their respective industries and who are up-to-date and compliant with environmental standards.

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