Electronics recycling in the U.S. is now a $20.6 billion industry, up from less than $1 billion in 2002, according to the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries Inc.

Why is the electronics recycling industry booming? Just take a look around you. How many electronics are within your reach? Electronics are used every single day and people are becoming more aware of the harmful affects they have on the environment when not properly disposed of.

Not only is e-waste extremely hazardous, it comes at a steep price if improperly disposed of. Partnering with an IT asset disposition (ITAD) vendor that is certified and environmentally compliant is a sure fire way to avoid fines and negative publicity for you and your company.

How to ensure environmental compliance for ITAD:

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

We all learned the saying “there’s no such thing as a free lunch.” In the end, someone ends up paying. A number of ITAD vendors make claims of disposing e-scrap at no cost to you. However, recycling electronics legally and in compliance with government regulations is costly (but worth it)! The value of e-scrap is not always enough to sustain certification fees for ITAD vendors. Ultimately the fines for irresponsible electronics recycling may end up costing your company significantly more than it would have by simply using a certified ITAD organization.

Know your downstream partners

Companies are liable at all stages of the IT asset management process. ITAD vendors and their customers that are aware of all downstream outlets and partners handling the e-waste are less susceptible to fines that go along with irresponsible electronics recycling.

Electronics resale is a growing market as more companies selling refurbished electronics emerge. In fact, HOBI International has multiple outlets for corporations and consumers to save a significant amount of money on fully-tested, quality refurbished electronics.


Most importantly, a certified ITAD vendor is the most reliable way to ensure environmental compliance when it comes to electronics recycling. Certifications like R2/RIOS show a company’s commitment to meeting the highest environmental standards throughout the electronics recycling process.

To receive these certifications, companies must audit their downstream partners as well, and provide documented proof all the material is being processed in compliance with all laws and standards.

HOBI’s staff implements design processes that go beyond electronics recycling compliance, seeking best practices in the processing of hazardous and non-hazardous materials found in electronic products and their packaging. HOBI provides both in-house and onsite data security services that ensure organizations constrained by strict data privacy laws avoid potentially punitive fines for release of sensitive data. In addition, HOBI’s engineering team has pursued a leadership role in the area of public education on electronic recycling issues surrounding electronic equipment and its impact on the environment.

Don’t put your company and clients at risk by partnering with the wrong ITAD organization. Contact us today for more information about HOBI’s compliance assurance programs.