Mobile devices are taking over, clearly! So obviously electronics recyclers and IT asset management vendors should focus on this emerging market.

In reality, 89% of e-waste is being pushed to the side due to popularity in recycling mobile devices.

According to a study by the US environmental Protection Agency only 11% of electronic waste is made up of mobile devices, the remaining 89% is computers, accessories, televisions and TV peripherals.

Don’t get it twisted. Mobile asset management and disposition is absolutely necessary. However, electronics recyclers must not ignore the dire need for computer, server and other IT equipment handling.

HOBI considers the whole spectrum of electronics recycling. Not only do our R2-certified locations offer mobile asset management and recycling services, but enterprise asset services as well. EASE, HOBI’s enterprise asset services is an all-encompassing solution for managing your enterprise’s IT assets from data management and erasure to asset resale and certified recycling.

EASE provides enterprises with a complete spectrum of services:

  • Data Security & Erasure
  • Data Center Relocations
  • Data Management
  • Environmental
  • Forward Deployment
  • Recycling
  • Remarketing and Resale
  • Reporting & Compliance
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Technical Services

HOBI continues to develop an extensive array of sales channels, both domestically and internationally. Our ever-growing resale and remarketing outlets range from laptops and PCs to manufacturing and test equipment. As the leader in IT and enterprise asset resale and remarketing, HOBI maintains a database of thousands active customers, which means we will find the right customer for your equipment.

Not to mention, our ability to turnover refurbished electronics back to the consumer at significantly lower costs is unsurpassed. The HOBI Shop has a variety of inventory that is updated daily.

With HOBI’s enterprise asset services, our experts are able to alleviate the burden of IT asset management, minimize the risk of data breach from improper recycling and maximize the return on IT investments.

If EASE is something you think would benefit your company, contact HOBI with further questions.