According to an e-scrap article, the race begins to recycle flat panel TVs.

Electronics recycling doesn’t just encompass mobile devices and old computers. One of the biggest threats to the e-waste stream is the irresponsible recycling of CRT glass, which is commonly found in flat panel TVs.

Some companies are even refusing to accept CRT/TVs for recycling, feeling that by taking on the burden of properly recycling this material will be costly and lead to the risk of a stockpile. A massive stockpile of CRT glass would cost between $85 and $360 million to dispose of because the old equipment bares little to no return value.

Certified ITAD vendors realize the detrimental affects of this CRT material to the environment and have continued to find ways to responsibly recycle it.

Discovering an environmentally sound technique for recycling CRT glass is especially important in the next couple years when more than two billion pounds of televisions and monitors with these displays are expected to make their way to the recycling stream. The longer these flat panel TVs with CRT glass are warehoused, the further their value will decrease due to the rapid innovation of new display technology.