Data Security & Erasure

Data security is our top priority. As enterprises across the globe face the daunting task of protecting corporate and customer data, HOBI practices the highest standards in data security from beginning to end of life. Our tech teams provide both on and off site NIST 800-18 and DOD-compliant data security and data erasure. As a result our clients are assured their most precious IT assets are in safe hands. Our data security and erasure services are fully traceable and documented to ensure your data never falls through the cracks. In fact, HOBI has had zero data leaks in our company’s 22-year history.

Data Center Relocations

HOBI experts are trained in server and data center relocations. Providing our clients with best-in-class services, HOBI’s server relocation services reduce the risk of improper moving and avoid overloading internal resources within a company. From disassembly, transportation and reassembly, HOBI leads the industry in proper server relocation.

Data Management

Data management is a crucial function of any enterprise asset management process. HOBI realizes the detrimental effects of the mishandling of sensitive data, diminishing both financial assets and credibility.

Data management is one of the most scrutinized practices. Who can you trust? Since 1992, enterprises have partnered with HOBI because of their knowledge of data transferring and security. Through onsite and offsite data transfer services, HOBI offers enterprises nation-wide top-notch data management, while eliminating the risk of lost or stolen data.


HOBI’s commitment to implementing best practices in industry standards is unsurpassed. Our environmental services and IT management programs are designed to eliminate the risk of improper disposal of IT assets, while providing enterprises an opportunity to self fund an enriched sustainability program.

HOBI maintains a strict reporting format that supports a variety of sustainability reporting efforts with detailed information on the reduction of a corporation’s carbon footprint through the responsible recycling of enterprise IT assets.

Through these efforts and our R2-certified standards and compliance for IT disposal, HOBI and its partners are successful at reclaiming precious metals from IT equipment. This ultimately minimizes the need for excess mining, leaving fewer holes in the ground.

Forward Deployment

After repair and refurbishment of the assets, HOBI utilizes its well-developed process for forward deployment of enterprise IT equipment back to the client or pushed into the open market. Our downstream partners and resources allow us to effectively and efficiently disperse equipment from our door to yours. Additionally, HOBI also conveniently supplies basic services such as delivery, unpacking, asset tagging and desktop setup services.


Having a partner to effectively handle your IT equipment for electronics recycling is critical these days. Our clients trust our best practices in responsible electronics recycling and have peace of mind that HOBI’s recycling services are in complete compliance with environmental and government regulations.

HOBI has been successful at value maximization since its start in 1992. We developed a processing system that ensures all hazardous and non-hazardous materials are recovered in an environmentally sound manner, eliminating risk for our valued clients. Our top-tier process for electronics recycling and demanufacturing is designed for recovering the most value from resources in IT equipment, making us the preferred ITAD vendor.

Remarketing & Resale

Value maximization is what it’s all about. After equipment has been identified, we put it through our certified data erasure process. HOBI experts then quickly and carefully evaluate your equipment to determine the proper sales channel to return the most value back to you through refurbishment, repair or recycling.

A leader in remarketing since 1992, HOBI continues to develop an extensive array of sales channels, both domestically and internationally. Our ever-growing resale and remarketing outlets range from laptops and PCs to manufacturing and test equipment. As the leader in IT and enterprise asset resale and remarketing, HOBI maintains a database of thousands of active customers, which means we will find the right customer for your equipment.

Refurbished electronics are becoming the norm as the reality of the “Digital Dump” comes to light. With an extensive variety of parts, refurbishment and repair are no problems for HOBI’s parts recovery team. From resale and refurbishment to certified data erasure, our team reviews your priorities and recommends an approach that eliminates your risk while maximizing the value of your IT assets.

Reporting & Compliance

As an R2/RIOS-certified IT asset management and disposition provider, HOBI realizes the importance of proper reporting and compliance. The R2 certification provides our clients with peace of mind that our ITAD practices are adhering to a stringent set of standards for our industry when processing IT assets and handling data. Our standards and certifications show our commitment in upholding the best practices for environmental sustainability.

Our reporting and compliance standards include:

  • Federal, State, and Local Reporting
  • Design Evaluations
  • Sustainability Reporting
  • Materials Analysis

HOBI goes straight to the source when it comes to environmental compliance – product design. HOBI’s staff implements IT asset management and design processes that go beyond compliance, seeking best practices in the processing of hazardous and non-hazardous materials found in electronic products and their packaging.  Our engineering team is headstrong in pursuing a leadership role in the area of public education on issues surrounding electronic equipment and its impact on the environment.

Risk Mitigation

Risk mitigation is something every enterprise desires, and HOBI delivers. HOBI presents environmentally sustainable solutions with little to no risk to our clients. Our earned R2/RIOS certifications prove our commitment to comply with state and government regulations, while our expertly developed processes return the most value possible for your enterprise IT assets. We successfully mitigate the two greatest risks facing enterprises today; corporate and/or client data security; and proper recycling of hazardous materials within the asset.

Technical Services

Included in our enterprise asset management process, HOBI maintains an expert engineering staff that provides innovative solutions to complex technical challenges such as onsite data erasure, re-imaging, repair and upgrades.  Our services solutions teams work side-by-side with IT engineers in Fortune 1000 companies.