The EPA reports that over 112,000 computers are discarded every single day, in the U.S. alone. That’s 41.1 million desktops and laptop computers per year.

You threw your computer away? Oh, don’t worry! Who would be able to hack, let alone be interested in hacking, your most sensitive data?


Don’t let your digital secrets get away from you. What is hidden on that old desktop computer can and will be detrimental to your company’s security.

The most sure fire way to guarantee complete data security is to partner with a certified ITAD vendor for your electronics recycling needs. HOBI International is the leading ITAD vendor, providing data erasure and IT asset management services to businesses and enterprises worldwide.

Our record is clean as a whistle

HOBI has been practicing certified data erasure for over two decades and has seen monumental success through zero data leaks in our company’s 22-year history.

As enterprises across the globe face the daunting task of protecting corporate and customer data, HOBI practices the highest standards in data security from beginning to end of life. Our tech teams provide both on and off site NIST 800-18 and DOD-compliant data security and data erasure. As a result our clients are assured their most precious IT assets are in safe hands. Our data security and erasure services are fully traceable and documented to ensure your data never falls through the cracks.

Have you considered sending your old computer in for electronics refurbishment?

Refurbished desktop computers are a great find and with HOBI’s certified data erasure process, we make your digital secrets disappear!

Here’s why consumers love refurbished computers:


Refurbished computers are typically sold without an operating system. For the computer-building enthusiast, buying refurbished is the most efficient way to get quality, inexpensive systems and customize them into your ideal machine.

Minor defects, no problem!

Light scratch? Let’s mark that price way down for you. If you don’t mind a few minor defects that have no effect on the internal workings of the unit itself, then refurbished electronics are an awesome option!


One convenient thing about buying refurbished desktop computers from stores like the HOBI Shop is items come with similar warranties as brand-new electronics. A return policy lowers the risk of your investment.

Go Green

Buying refurbished electronics save you and the environment. These fully-functional computers are able to get a second life when sent to experts certified in IT asset management. Inspected and tested for quality, refurbished electronics are close to brand-new but resold at a fraction of the price!

This eco-friendly frame of mind saves not only you, but also the environment! With an ever growing e-waste stream, there is no room for slightly used, still functional electronics to end up in the landfill, potentially still containing loads of your sensitive information.

The HOBI Shop is currently selling popular desktop and laptop computers brands like Apple, Gateway, HP and Dell, but at a fraction of the cost for a brand new model!