Curiosity is in the air, as a recent Congressional electronics recycling hearing hinted at the public release of governmental disposal habits for end-of-life electronics.

This notion came about as an aim to develop ideas on how the federal government can more efficiently recycle obsolete electronics. After all, the federal government is the nation’s single largest generator of used electronics material.

Since 2012, federal agencies have followed a GSA policy that encourages electronics reuse when possible and bans certain hazardous items from landfills at end-of-life. The policy directs agencies to route obsolete IT equipment to R2 and other certified electronics recycling firms for responsible management and disposition.

As an industry leader in IT asset management and disposition, it would certainly be interesting to see what those government reports look like when they finally come out.

The Obama Administration has also encouraged refurbishment and reuse of mobile devices by endorsing cell phone unlocking. In efforts to promote the unlocking of cellular devices, a petition was accepted by the Obama Administration guide-lining the lift of the unlocking ban.

Catch HOBI President, Craig Boswell, as he speaks about cell phone unlocking, mobile device security and kill switch capabilities at the IAITAM 2014 Spring Ace Conference at the end of April.