We give IT assets and mobile devices a second chance

encoreHOBI sees the potential in every used server, computer, tablet and smartphone.

The CORE of any IT asset management program is alleviating the burden of housing used assets that aren’t ready for disposal. HOBI sends IT assets and mobile devices through established reverse logistics and refurbishment processes in order to regain value for the customer, revive assets back to proper working conditions and remarket them for a second life.

Reverse Logistics

Reverse logistics is the all-encompassing process of reusing products and materials as well as the planning and execution of safe and secure transport of your assets. Every step in the reverse logistics process adds value even though it is not always seen in the electronic device itself.

How does reverse logistics add value?

Since HOBI’s inception in 1992, there have been zero reported data leaks. You can’t put a price on peace of mind. Reverse logistics services include best-in-class on-site and off-site data erasure of devices to ensure optimal data security. Proper data erasure practices keep sensitive information secure without destroying the device. As a result our clients are assured their most precious IT assets are in safe hands. Don’t let the “what ifs” of data security keep you up at night.

R2/RIOS and ISO 14001 certified IT asset management and disposition providers are experts at extracting precious metals from electronic devices. Without proper recycling, these precious metals, including gold, copper and aluminum, can cause irreparable harm to the environment. HOBI has over two decades of experience at reclaiming precious metals from IT equipment and mobile assets. This ultimately minimizes the need for excessive mining, leaving less holes in the ground.


HOBI’s refurbishment process includes data erasure, repairs, reimaging, and kitting for resale. With an extensive variety of parts, refurbishment and repair are no problem for HOBI’s parts recovery team as they review your priorities and recommend an approach that eliminates your risk while maximizing the value of your IT assets and ensuring your sensitive information doesn’t slip through the cracks.

Value maximization is what it’s all about. Our experts determine the benefit of either refurbishment or recycling in order to recover the most value for each piece of equipment entering our warehouse.

Remarketing & Resale

A leader in remarketing since 1992, HOBI continues to develop an extensive array of sales channels, both domestically and internationally to deliver the highest possible ROI for your IT assets and mobile devices. Our remarketing and resale outlets range from laptops and tablets to manufacturing and test equipment. As the leader in IT and enterprise asset remarketing and resale, HOBI maintains a database of thousands of active customers, which means we will find the right customer for your equipment.