capThe rapidly changing landscape of local, state, and federal legislation in regards to electronics recycling is creating an ever increasing burden on Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and large corporate users of information technology and communications equipment. Ensuring compliance with this legislation not only requires a knowledge of the legislation and reporting requirements themselves but an intimate knowledge of recycling and data security technologies and techniques.

HOBI provides the combination of professional electronics recycling expertise,  and market experience to allow outsourcing of compliance and ensure mitigation of compliance risks.

These outsources compliance services include:

  • State, Local, and Federal Reporting
  • Date Privacy Assurance and Reporting
  • Design for the Environment Evaluations and Reporting
  • Sustainability Reporting
  • Materials Analysis

HOBI’s staff implements design processes that go beyond electronics recycling compliance, seeking best practices in the processing of hazardous and non-hazardous materials found in electronic products and their packaging. HOBI provides both in-house and onsite data security services that ensure organizations constrained by strict data privacy laws avoid potentially punitive fines for release of sensitive data. In addition, HOBI’s engineering team has pursued a leadership role in the area of public education on electronic recycling issues surrounding electronic equipment and its impact on the environment.

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