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E-Waste market to expect major growth by 2020

Research and Markets issued a report indicating the global e-waste management market will reach $49.4 billion by 2020. This report estimates the market’s CAGR will reach 23.5 percent or more from 2014-2020. Waste management companies in the Asia-Pacific region comprised the largest revenue share of the report, with European countries placing second.

The growing need for […]

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How to recycle personal electronics

When gearing up for America Recycles Day this weekend, remember to take personal electronics into account. Recycling electronics cuts down on e-waste dumping, brings potential for reuse and saves internal metals to be used in other industries.

When choosing to recycle your personal devices, here are 3 guidelines:

Prep devices

Unused devices such as cellphones, laptops and tablets […]

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How to donate electronics to support veterans

Today is Veterans Day, a day we devote to remembering both active soldiers and veterans of the armed forces around our country. We owe our veterans our lives for protecting us at home and abroad and are forever in debt to them.

The sacrifices our forces make for us each day are unimaginable for those […]

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Three common questions about electronics recycling

America Recycles Day is this Sunday, a day devoted to spreading recycling awareness amongst Americans.  Recycling common household products is common in most communities, but most citizens may forget about some of the most important materials to recycle: electronics.

Here are three questions about e-waste recycling to consider this America Recycles Day:

What are some of […]

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America Recycles Day: Important e-waste statistics

America Recycles Day is this Sunday, November 15, 2015. Recycling of daily waste, including paper, plastic and metal, is commonplace, but some of the most important materials to recycle are often not properly taken care of. These materials can be found in old electronics, or e-waste.

Electronics sales are skyrocketing each year as manufacturers continue […]

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Rising smartphone sales shows greater need for responsible recycling than ever

More than three million cellphones were sold during Q2 of 2015. This number is up 13.5 percent from the year before, Gartner reports. Cellphone turnover is growing faster by the year, and so is the number of disposed devices, but are these devices properly refurbished or recycled? What happens if they aren’t?

The number of businesses […]

PC manufacturers join together to increase sales

PC manufacturers are banding together in an effort to boost computer sales. Microsoft and Intel have joined with Dell, Lenovo and HP to sponsor a new campaign that highlights the importance of PCs.

Intel reported 500 million PCs have been purchased within the past five years. This number is exceedingly low, considering 1 billion android phones […]

ISRI issues formal response to deceiving column

ISRI issued a formal response to an article published by the New York Times. In this article, writer John Tierney misrepresents the values and processes of the recycling industry. Tierney’s column grossly misrepresents the advantages and necessity for proper recycling processes in the U.S. ISRI’s response to this article, below, clarifies the misrepresentations in Tierney’s […]

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