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ISRI sponsors annual youth recycling awareness competition

ISRI paired with Jason Learning to kick off its annual recycling awareness video and poster contest this month. This year’s contest, for students in grades K-12, is themed “Recycling is Bigger Than the Bin.”

This year’s theme is intended to spread awareness of recycling products that are bigger than the average recycling bin. Students are encouraged […]

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ISRI’s new video emphasizes the recycling industry’s economic impact


Not only does recycling improve the environment, but also improves the economy. ISRI produced a video that showcases the many economic benefits of the recycling industry. The recycling industry yields over 100,000 jobs and over $10 billion in wages. Along with yielding serious job growth, the recycling industry has produced over $100 billion in economic activity.

To […]

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How to remarket your smartphone

Last week’s Apple event revealed the new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. With Apple loyalists everywhere ecstatic about the new device release, many people are wondering the best course of action for their old cell phones. While it may be tempting to leave your old device in a drawer and forget it exists, many older […]

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E-Waste market estimated to reach $5 billion

 Rapidly growing amounts of e-waste are bringing larger numbers than ever in this year’s market forecast for e-waste management.

 New technologies replace old devices monthly, if not weekly. For this reason, it’s becoming more commonplace to purchase new devices multiple times annually. Increasing numbers of used devices are great news for e-waste processors everywhere.


Research and […]

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Three CIO mistakes

CIO and IT directors are constantly faced with duties vital to the success of a company’s operation. CIOs juggle responsibilities on a daily basis that require rapid and intuitive decision-making. While making these decisions, important factors may be overlooked. Here are three mistakes that may be made by CIOs that can result in major damages.



Forgetting […]

The number one rule for successful ITAD

Usually, when thinking of IT asset management, you may think of things such as data security or data management. While these are all important functions of a successful IT management system, the most important component may sometimes be overlooked: compliance.

Making sure your ITAD provider is environmentally compliant is not only a moral obligation, but also […]

HOBI execs speaking at CompTIA ChannelCon 2015

HOBI International, Inc. founders Cathy Hill and Craig Boswell will speak at CompTIA ChannelCon . The conference will be held in Chicago, IL, August 3-5.

Boswell, President of HOBI International, is speaking about making the move to mobile during Monday’s mobility community meeting – Mobile Lifecycle and Recycle Business Opportunities. During this time, Boswell will touch on topics […]

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Unlocked cellphones: What do they mean for consumers, recyclers?

Last year, the Unlocking Consumer Choice and Wireless Competition Act passed successfully, reversing a congressional decision that previously banned people from unlocking their cellphones.

President Obama’s signage of this bill overturned the Copyright Office’s 2012 ruling against cellphone unlocking. With further review of this bill down the road, there is a chance the previous unlocking ban will […]