The most overlooked component of enterprise mobile asset management

When considering a mobile asset management provider, enterprises may focus on repair solutions, data security, and future refurbishment and recycling opportunities. While these are all important components of mobile asset management, the most overlooked component of a mobile asset manager is guaranteed compliance.

Securing an environmentally-friendly provider is not only a moral obligation but also […]

HOBI News of the Week 10/17-10/21

Here is a recap of the HOBI blog for the week of 10/17-10/21

New Macs anticipated at Apple’s October 27 event

Apple confirmed yesterday a new device event on October 27. The new event, announced by a “hello again” graphic, is expected to showcase heavily anticipated Mac updates.

How to ensure enterprise IT is prepared for a […]

Global Green Data Center market anticipated to reach $91 billion in 5 years

A new report published by Research and Markets anticipates the Global Green Data Center market will reach or exceed $91 billion within the next five years.

Research and Markets projects the overall CAGR of 22.7 percent for the next four years, meaning the market will grow from $26.77 billion in 2015, to $91.53 billion in 2021.

Modern […]

HOBI News of the Week 7/25-7/29

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Apple announces sale of one billionth iPhone

Yesterday morning, Apple announced the sale of its one billionth iPhone. While this news shows the iPhone still remains a popular option among consumers, but iPhone sales have been falling for two consecutive quarters.

Counterfeiting argument continues, […]

Three benefits of using reverse logistics in an IT asset management program

A professional ITAM provider can choose the best plan of action for enterprise devices, including device management, repair and end-of-life services. Once a provider has been chosen, it’s important for enterprise management to understand their processes and how devices will be handled down the road. One way to ensure complete disclosure is by working with […]

National data center energy consumption could reach lowest levels since 2003 within the next five years

A study published by Berkeley National Laboratory indicates United States data center energy consumption could reach an its lowest levels since 2003 within the next five years.

Data center energy consumption has been a popular industry topic within the past decade. Between 2000 and 2005, national data center energy consumption skyrocketed by 90 percent, and […]

HOBI News of the Week 7/11-7/15

Here is a recap of the HOBI blog for the week of 7/11-7/15

Study indicates school districts are struggling with proper classroom technology integration

A study conducted by Edgenuity indicates a substantial amount of schools around the country are struggling with successful classroom technology integration. This survey interviewed teachers of various grade levels around the country about […]

ISRI issues response to pending SEERA legislation

Billy Johnson, chief lobbyist for ISRI, issued a formal response to the pending the Secure E-Waste and Recycling Act (SEERA) legislation last Friday. SEERA, proposed by the Coalition for American Electronics Recycling (CAER), is currently in the drafting stages and  aims to regulate the exportation of used electronics.

SEERA’s framework aims to forbid the export of […]