Wearable Tech: Friend or foe of data security

If our lives weren’t already saturated with technology, wearable tech is the next big thing. This innovative emerging market is still in its early stages but has endless possibilities.

By 2015, 485 million wearable computing devices will be shipped per year. Right now nearly 61% of the current wearable tech market is sports and activity […]

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    Report: Tablet Issue, Opportunity To Improve Environmental Sustainability

Report: Tablet Issue, Opportunity To Improve Environmental Sustainability

HOBI International’s attendance at the December 2013 Green Electronics Council (GEC) and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Slates and Tablets Workshop uncovered some very interesting points on the environmental issues and opportunities of tablets.

This workshop in particular brought together 39 stakeholders with various perspectives and a range of expertise, including original equipment manufacturers, […]

Microsoft promotes electronics recycling for XP

As Microsoft phases out its XP operating system, the leading software company encourages proper data erasure and electronics recycling for older computers.

Why the update for Microsoft?

While Microsoft had offered technical support to Microsoft XP and Office 2003 users for 12 years, due to the slump in PC shipments, the company can no longer offer […]

Small businesses suffer from lack of data security

In the world of data security, it seems large corporations are the ones stealing the headlines with news of another data breach; but data breaches can hit hard no matter what size business, especially without a data security plan.

Reality check for small businesses: You are susceptible to data breaches just as much or more […]

Fund your sustainability program with EASE

“Sustainability is more than being seen to be green.”

What is sustainability and is your company on the right path?

Companies striving for environmental sustainability have implemented responsible recycling practices and partner with certified vendors who ensure internal and external compliance. They set strategic goals to benefit the company, design innovative ways to cut costs, while […]

Is your company accommodating the ‘mobile generation?’

Accompanying the flood of mobile devices in the work force come fresh faces and new ideas. The mobile generation has arrived! Is your company ready for change?

Who are they?

The mobile generation or #GenMobile are in the early stages of their career, typically fresh out of college and new to the work force. From a […]