Siri confirms annual Apple September event

Apple has confirmed their annual September event for the 9th. The annual  “September Event” is usually when Apple reveals the new iPhone.

If iPhone users ask Siri to “give them a hint,” she responds that there is an event happening September 9.

This year’s September event is expected to showcase the newest version of the iPhone and […]

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2015 E-Scrap Conference Preview

The annual E-Scrap Conference begins Tuesday in Orlando, FL, at the Omni Championsgate Resort. HOBI International, Inc. president Craig Boswell and EH&S manager Mike Shuck will each be speaking next week on the benefits of the move to mobile and other industry trends.

Boswell will serve as a moderator for Tuesday’s Maximizing Value in Mobile […]

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How to revive tablet sales

The bright and shiny newness of tablets has worn off, but that does not mean doom for the tablet industry, only a new approach. With the novelty of tablets gone, the industry’s new challenge now is to make them easy to acquire and inexpensive to use.  Continued mobile-optimized app development is also increasing tablet value.

Tablet […]

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The foundation for successful mobile app security

The move to mobile initiated the development of millions of mobile apps. Apps are usually thought to make life easier, but they bring threats as well as convenience.

Newer apps are designed to gain access to valuable information on devices without the user’s knowledge. This creates an all new form of information paranoia for employers everywhere. […]

E-Waste market estimated to reach $5 billion

 Rapidly growing amounts of e-waste are bringing larger numbers than ever in this year’s market forecast for e-waste management.

 New technologies replace old devices monthly, if not weekly. For this reason, it’s becoming more commonplace to purchase new devices multiple times annually. Increasing numbers of used devices are great news for e-waste processors everywhere.


Research and […]

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Four tips for better cloud security

IT professionals everywhere debate about how secure the cloud really is. While convenient, the cloud does bring opportunities for information breaches.


Here are four things you should know to ensure successful cloud security:


Employees pose the biggest threat.

While it’s commonly assumed outside hackers are the source of most data breaches, it’s actually people inside your business. The […]

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