Warm Thanksgiving wishes from HOBI

As Thanksgiving rapidly approaches, we at HOBI International want to take a moment to express our appreciation and gratitude for the opportunities afforded to us this year.

Because of our amazing client base and followers, we continue to enhance our service offerings to include our new comprehensive asset management programs: CORE, EASE and MobileLife. We […]

HOBI Shop tech deals for your cyber Black Friday

Did Black Friday sneak up on you this year? No worries! Visit the HOBI Shop on eBay for a hassle-free shopping day.

Quit mapping out your mall route and escape plan and go cyber this Black Friday!

Less hassle. Go the online route.

If waiting in long lines for hours after a big Thanksgiving meal makes you […]

How will Samsung handle 4 million excess Galaxy S5s?

According to Wall Street Journal reports, Samsung sold 4 million fewer of its Galaxy S5s than the Galaxy S4s.

The S5 is said to have sold 12 million units in its first three months on sale, which was overall 40 percent fewer than projected.

Samsung was so confident that the device would be a blockbuster it […]

This mobile comeback will make you flip!

We previously wrote in an article, “one thing is for sure, when Jerry [Jones] calls the tune, they all dance. Perhaps the flip phone will debut in the hand of another celeb sooner than we think.”

Well, the time is here. It’s almost 2015 and according to CNN Tech, the flip phone seems to be […]

Survey exposes hoarding electronics at its worst

Staples’ survey, American Tech Recycling Habits, revealed what electronics recyclers are already very familiar with — hoarding of electronics.

The rate at which Americans acquire new electronic devices far outpaces the rate at which they recycle unwanted ones.

While 74 percent of Americans own two or more television sets and 38 percent own two or more […]

Congress to revote cell phone unlocking in 2015

The back-and-forth, two year long debate on how to upend the Librarian of Congress’ 2012 decision to ban cell phone unlocking was settled in favor of bulk unlocking on July 25. However, the debate may not be over.

Unlocking could be deemed illegal again in 2015.

The final version of the Unlocking Consumer Choice and Wireless […]