Three ways to prevent data security breaches

IT security and data loss prevention remain two of the hottest topics in today’s industry. While it is usually assumed that security breaches are because of holes in the system, the main source is much simpler than that: human error.

A study conducted by CompTIA revealed that more than half of many security breaches are human […]

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Beware: New hack poses as vital system update

If you receive an email from Microsoft reporting an update, be wary. Hackers are disguising ransomware as a Microsoft 10 update.

These messages, instead of coming from Microsoft, are coming from Thailand. This ransomware will download and lock all files on the computer, then will demand a payment to regain access to files.

One way to avoid […]

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The number one rule for successful ITAD

Usually, when thinking of IT asset management, you may think of things such as data security or data management. While these are all important functions of a successful IT management system, the most important component may sometimes be overlooked: compliance.

Making sure your ITAD provider is environmentally compliant is not only a moral obligation, but also […]

HOBI execs speaking at CompTIA ChannelCon 2015

HOBI International, Inc. founders Cathy Hill and Craig Boswell will speak at CompTIA ChannelCon . The conference will be held in Chicago, IL, August 3-5.

Boswell, President of HOBI International, is speaking about making the move to mobile during Monday’s mobility community meeting – Mobile Lifecycle and Recycle Business Opportunities. During this time, Boswell will touch on topics […]

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OnePlus 2 to rival iPhone, Galaxy

OnePlus announced a new device that will give the iPhone a run for its money, at half the price.

The Chinese startup revealed its follow up to last year’s OnePlus One yesterday evening. The new device will operate on the same principle idea of high-level smartphone specs at a lower cost.

Contract-free, the 64GB OnePlus 2 will […]

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Jeep hack raises security awareness

A massive recall has been issued on 1.4 million Fiat Chrysler vehicles in light of a hacking incident.

Hackers who paired with were able to shut down a Jeep’s transmission from over 10 miles away. While Internet connected devices increase productivity and convenience for users, there is still a certain amount of security-related issues that comes with […]

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