Apple Will Sell 5 Mil Watches To People Who Don’t Need It

Apple has ordered more than 5 million watches for its initial run.

For such a huge release, the Apple Watch does not seem to be acquiring too many followers. Finding new ways to present the watch is important, but how will Apple actually trigger a buy decision?

While the watch doesn’t contain features that are dire […]

Galaxy S6 Sports Metal Body & Wireless Charging

“I am the next Galaxy.” A teaser reveals ‘next-level’ features for Samsung’s Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge.

Samsung is turning heavy metal with its Galaxy S6 models – to be introduced early March – and straying away from its iconic plastic aesthetic.

This isn’t the biggest revamp feature Samsung fans have to look forward to. […]

What ‘R2-certified’ really means

What sets your IT asset management and disposal practices apart from the sea of others?

Noncompliance to government and environmental rules and regulations will leave your company and clients vulnerable to hefty fines and damaged reputations.

An R2-certified company has the ability to implement best practices in environmental sustainability and overall health, safety and security aspects […]

Do Millennials Expect & Accept Data Breaches?

The ‘Snappening.’ The hacking of two commonly used apps, SnapChat and Yik Yak, targeted to Millennials and Gen Z-ers did not significantly lessen the use of either app. In fact, there seemed to be a tolerance for it, a “what happens, happens” mentality. This event sparked a debate on the issue of the Millennial’s […]

Apple Watch Specs & Release Date

“Right on schedule,” Apple chief executive officer, Tim Cook, says while discussing the Apple Watch April release date.

The Apple Watch is just the start of wearable tech for this company. Released as three models – Apple Watch, Apple Watch Edition and Apple Watch Sport – all are fully equipped with inductive charging, a square […]

Tablet desire vanishing, Samsung in the hot seat

Market research firm, IDC, shows tablet growth, including the iPad, Mini and competing Samsung devices, is on a downward spiral.

Shipments from all tablet makers increased a mere 4.4 percent for the full year and suffered their first-ever year-over-year decline in the fourth quarter, slipping over 3 percent.

To give some perspective on previous tablet growth, […]