How to protect yourself on Data Privacy Day

Cyberspace can be a dangerous place.

So it’s up to you as a consumer to understand your own privacy rights and how best to protect yourself in cyberspace.

Data collection doesn’t always need consent

Data has become an extremely valuable asset, yet some are still negligent when it comes to security of personal information.

Data falls into two […]

Touchdown for e-cycling in Super Bowl XLIX

The Arizona Super Bowl Host Committee, the National Football League and Verizon successfully teamed up to collect and safely recycle electronic waste on Jan 20. The rally is part of the overall environmental and community outreach program developed for Super Bowl XLIX.

This is the second year that Verizon and the NFL have joined with the […]

E-plastics research to debut at Dallas conference

As the fastest growing segment in the waste stream, e-waste is primarily known for being made up of electronics and electronics parts. But, what about the plastic case that houses your precious iPad and smartphones? After all, packaging is often the initial material customers see and touch.

Plastic waste from electronics, more commonly know as […]

Will splitting the bill boost BYOD acceptance?

We’ve all done it – gone out to lunch with a friend or colleague and once the bill arrives you split it. It is just that simple.

But does ‘splitting the bill’ work for BYOD?

To kick off the New Year, AT&T opened its Work Platform to enable split billing within enterprise mobile management (EMM) solutions […]

The e-waste epidemic (Infographic)

We can say it a hundred times – something must be done to slow the effects of e-waste. In a world where a single year renders a cellphone obsolete, electronic waste is a big and growing problem. This infographic shows the facts and figures about e-waste and proper electronics recycling.

[Source: CustomMade]

4 tips for next-level tablet security & repair

When was the last time you revamped your data erasure methods for tablets?

#1 Incorporate tablets into your IT asset management process

While they are the epitome of mobility, tablets are still part of the IT asset spectrum and should be treated as such. As with any office IT equipment containing sensitive data, mobile devices should […]