Year-end tablet market share, forecast

Is Apple’s decline in the tablet industry foreshadowing an overall downfall of the device as a whole?

Apple is close to losing its dominance in tablet sales, as iPad sales are expected to decline in 2014 for the first year since it debuted in 2010. iPad sales have shrunk for three straight quarters, and last […]

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    Wireless carriers push service plans on tapped tablet market

Wireless carriers push service plans on tapped tablet market

Much like when the smartphone market became increasingly saturated, wireless leaders, including Verizon and AT&T, are now offering free or practically free tablets to customers who sign up for certain wireless service plans.

A recent trend revealed 61 percent of total monthly subscriber growth of the country’s top wireless carriers is due to tablets. Verizon […]

The DMCA could reverse Unlocking Law every 3 years

The Digital Millenium Copyright Act is better known as the DMCA.

Passed in 1998, this bill governs the often vague overlapping of intellectual property and physical property. Initially sought out to protect digital piracy of DVDs and music, Congress built in an “anti-circumvention” provision in the DMCA, making it illegal by copyright law to break […]

Best Smartphones of 2014

There’s no lavish awards show for the best smartphones of the year. However, after testing more than twenty current smartphones on the market, Wall Street Journal says these are the ones you should consider.

Drumroll please…

Best overall smartphone: iPhone 6
It’s no surprise Apple’s iPhone 6 reigns supreme in 2014 as the best smartphone overall. While […]

4 Tips To Prepare Corporate Mobile Devices For The New Year

If your enterprise hasn’t incorporated mobile devices into daily activity already, it probably will within the next year.

While mobility presents unique opportunities never before seen, the surge of these devices in the corporate world should be handled with caution. Neglect of proper data erasure can lead to a company wide data breach, with sensitive […]

Old laptop batteries bring light to less fortunate

Recycling one million laptops is equivalent to the electricity used by 3,657 U.S. homes in a year.

IBM did its own research and analyzed a sample of discarded batteries, finding 70 percent had enough power to keep an LED light on more than four hours a day for a year.

How will IBM power the powerless?

IBM […]