Everyone is freaking out about the Gold MacBook

Apparently if you make something gold, everyone wants a piece of it!

“It is unbelievable! Can you even see it?” joked CEO Tim Cook, as he announced Apple’s brand-spankin’ new MacBook – in GOLD.

Basics you should know:

Set to launch on April 10.

Its internal logic board is 67% smaller than those in previous MacBooks

It has no […]

3 tips to extend smartphone battery life

It’s a true fear of mine that my smartphone battery will die in the middle of night, leaving me with no abrupt ‘wake-up’ alarm and totally disconnected from the world.

Mobility just got a little bit easier as tips and tricks are released for smartphone battery conservation.

Here are 3 tips to extend smartphone battery life

1. […]

How Cell Phone Logistics Adds Value To Store Returns

Rapid turnover and hassle-free exchange options for cell phones have produced a need for cell phone logistics.

Consumers return purchases – there’s no stopping it. Returns don’t have to spell disaster for your business with cell phone logistics.

Return products are often an overlooked source of additional revenue, but they can be catered to a niche […]

Apple Will Sell 5 Mil Watches To People Who Don’t Need It

Apple has ordered more than 5 million watches for its initial run.

For such a huge release, the Apple Watch does not seem to be acquiring too many followers. Finding new ways to present the watch is important, but how will Apple actually trigger a buy decision?

While the watch doesn’t contain features that are dire […]

Galaxy S6 Sports Metal Body & Wireless Charging

“I am the next Galaxy.” A teaser reveals ‘next-level’ features for Samsung’s Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge.

Samsung is turning heavy metal with its Galaxy S6 models – to be introduced early March – and straying away from its iconic plastic aesthetic.

This isn’t the biggest revamp feature Samsung fans have to look forward to. […]

What ‘R2-certified’ really means

What sets your IT asset management and disposal practices apart from the sea of others?

Noncompliance to government and environmental rules and regulations will leave your company and clients vulnerable to hefty fines and damaged reputations.

An R2-certified company has the ability to implement best practices in environmental sustainability and overall health, safety and security aspects […]