Freecycling: No Hassle Electronics Recycling

What many people don’t know is that there’s still a lucrative market for their old electronics.

Freecycling is a more environmentally friendly way to keep these items out of the landfill. Rather than throwing your items away or stashing them in a junk drawer, hand them to someone who really needs it. There’s no need […]

Reverse Logistics: Revenue from returns

Returns don’t just have to be a black hole for inventory and resources, they can be a revenue stream, adding value for customers and helping reduce costs.
The truth is 95% of retail returns of electronics can be easily refurbished and re-sold. This is a great way to recoup some of the profits lost from […]

Who knew e-waste could sound so sweet?

Sit back, relax and let the cool sounds of your e-waste take you away

This incredibly savvy Illinois musician gives a new meaning to metal heads. Colten Jackson, e-waste enthusiast and music extraordinaire, has pushed the boundaries with his project called Electronic Waste Orchestra.

By hacking together what Jackson calls the Hard Rock Guitar out of […]

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    Apple, IBM alliance boosts enterprise mobile management awareness

Apple, IBM alliance boosts enterprise mobile management awareness

Can you believe it? PC arch-rivals, Apple and IBM, have become best friends in enterprise mobility, providing mobile devices, apps and solutions to enterprises. The deal aims to marry the simplicity and user experience that Apple Geeks crave with enterprise expertise of IBM in security, back end systems integration as well as big data […]

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    Will iPhone 6 sapphire display cause problems for mobile lifecycle management?

Will iPhone 6 sapphire display cause problems for mobile lifecycle management?

It’s official. The iPhone 6 screen is tough!

Sapphire is the second-hardest material on the planet. Manufactured sapphire, a substance already used to armor some military vehicles, has made its debut in smartphone and tablet screens. Leaked specs and recent company projections suggest we could see the iPhone 6 launch with sapphire glass rumored to […]

Feelin’ itchy? Your tablet may be the culprit

iPad Rash. Yes, it’s a thing.

“He used the iPad daily,” Dr. Sharon Jacob, a dermatologist at Rady Children’s Hospital, explained after she treated an 11-year old boy for his mysterious rash.

The boy had developed a rash all over his body that didn’t respond to usual treatment for common skin conditions. Further testing revealed he […]